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 Koi Fish Basics

Koi fish information is crucial if you want to make certain that they are healthy and happy. These magnificent fish are not simply the same as goldfish. They have their own particular needs. Koi have been known to live for over two hundred years. However, the average lifespan is about 25 years.

Koi have been bred in Asia for centuries. These fish are not only wonderful colorful pets they can be extremely valuable. Champion koi fish have fetched prices well into the six digits. The most expensive koi ever sold went for 2.2 million dollars.

One of the reasons that people choose to keep koi in their ponds is because they are a hardy fish. Unlike most species of tropical fish, they do not require a heater. They can stay outside year round even in regions where the temperature drops below freezing. The koi carp will be able to survive provided that the water in the pond does not freeze.

There are different ways that you can make certain that your koi will be safe during the winter. The depth of the pond is going to play a major factor in your choice. Deep ponds will not freeze completely solid. However, if you’re unsure or simply want to be safe, you can opt to install a pond heater. Another consideration is gas build up. Many koi experts advise that you have an air hole. Floating deicers are one solution to keeping the ice off the pond.

People who do not want to have to worry about their precious pets being outside should consider indoor housing. Koi fish can be safely moved inside and will live happily provided you set up a suitable place for their winter home.

One of the interesting things about these fish is that they will grow to fit their environment. If given sufficient room, a koi can reach over three feet in length. Therefore, if you do want to have large koi, you must ensure that you give them ample space. If the pond is small, and you have a lot of fish, they will not get very big.

These fish can come in a number of different colors and patterns. Colors include orange, cream, black and even blues. If you are thinking about showing your carp or entering into a special koi competition, you will want to have your fish looking their best. To do this you are going to have to ensure that they are eating a rich and varied diet.

Koi that are going to be kept outdoors will need to have certain conditions met. You will have to ensure that you keep the fish protected. Nobody wants to discover that their prize fish has become lunch for the neighbor’s cat. Additionally, you will also have to worry about keeping at least part of the pond shaded as koi do not like direct sunlight.

Having koi in your backyard will add elegance and beauty. They are not difficult to keep, but there are certain things that you will need to know before you bring a fish home. Getting the right koi fish information is essential. Knowing what to feed, how deep to make the pond and what kinds of equipment to buy will guarantee that your koi live for many years.