The Beautiful Kohaku

The Kohaku koi is a much treasured and prized Koi and is one of the oldest varieties. It is a white koi with red (hi) markings. Ideally the white should be snow white and the red (hi) should be of an even color – often it is more orange than red.

Kohaku are my personal favorite. Simplicity leads to a stunning Koi, and, there is less to go wrong. Which makes showing such a Koi a thorny issue- if you do decide to ever show your Kohaku, it needs to be of a very high standard indeed…

Kohaku should, as with all Koi, exhibit clear lines of definition between white (shiroji) and red (hi). The clearer the line, the better. The red (hi) needs to be seen as if it were painted on a snow white background in an interesting and attractive pattern.

Patterns incidentally are less important that one might think. A pleasing pattern to the eye is what is valued – but this can be juts about anything. Symmetry is not a requirement and as you get into your Koi keeping you will learn just how rare any type of symmetry is in Koi.

As you can see form the picture the clean crisp lines of the red (hi) is clearly defined.

An ideal Kohaku, such as this one, should have any red (hi) in the pectoral fins. Hi at the base of the pectoral fin (motoguru) is in fact however, desirable and an indication of a high quality fish.