Ogon Platinum

 The popularity of koi fish or also known as Japanese carp grew frenziedly. At first, Japanese start breeding them from carp transmutation wherein they came in one or two colors. Nowadays, because of its fame more and more people started breeding them that creates assortment of colors and pattern arrangements. At present time, koi fish can be seen in different colors like black, green, red, yellow and white.

It is easy to recognize the group of koi fish if you can fully understand its different classification. Each assortment has specific standards but pattern variety is pleasing in most diversities. There are varieties of koi that are admired by many; the kahaku koi the type of white koi with red markings and the hirakimono koi or also known as Orgon Variety.

The two parts are Hikari which means metallic and Mono which means single. It is tie together all in one color. The one that seems to be metallic in appearance is also known as Ogon koi. While the other one which has been seen in yellow is known as the Yamabuki Ogon and the one which is white in color is known as Platinum Ogon. Ogon Koi should be identical color from its head, to the tips of the fins all the way to the tail. It is enviable for the Ogon koi to have large fins because they counterbalance the plain body.

In the world of Koi, White koi or the Platinum Ogon are exceptional and most admired fish. Their body looks as if it will about to shine like the expensive metals. These extraordinary and eye-catching koi fish was first shown back in 1963. It seems to be that this type of koi fish are very resilient and grow rapidly. It is also popular in inadequately filtered pond because it stands out even in the gloomy water. Other types of Ogon koi fish are Orenji ,Nezu and the Fuji.

To make them appears even sparklier, Ogon Koi are bred with the Grinrin scales. Grinrin scales are very dissimilar from those that can be seen on metallic koi. As an alternative of an overall glitter cause by the reflective tincture of the scales, Grinrin scales have an insightful luster over all the parts of its exterior that creates glimmering chattels that is same with diamond. To recognize as Grinrin, the koi fish should have more of these characteristics than it is probable to count as it swims past the viewers. The minimum that is said to be accepted is about 20 scales.

One of the major things that attract the pond owner to fill their pond with the koi fish is its large selection of colors of koi fish. Koi fish was about to show its best color when viewed on the top. Koi fish are always shown in round pools and on the top view as it was shown in Asia because the majority of the pigment is located on the top side of the fish.