One of the most popular interests of people all over the world is to have pets; dogs, cats, rabbits and even exotic animals like snakes and iguanas. But most households, especially those who have ponds at home, love to have fishes as their pets. And why not; fishes don’t only make lovely pet, they are also beneficial. Fishes can make your ponds look beautiful, colorful and interesting. Aside from these, they are also helpful as they eat mosquitoes and algae.

Now, among the most popular options when it comes to fish pets is the Koi fish. This type of fish is considered as the ornamental and domesticated variations of carp fish. Koi fish originally came from China but it is now widely available in Japan.

If you’re planning to have Koi fishes in your aquariums and ponds for the first time, the very first and most vital things that you should know are the different types of Koi fishes. Knowing what type of Koi fish you’re going to buy is essential so you’ll know what type of food to give them, how to properly take care of them, and even how much budget you should have.

Types of Koi Fish

According to Koi fish experts, there are at least thirteen different varieties and sub-varieties of Koi fish. Here are among the most common varieties:


This is a Koi fish type that bears pale blue color and has orange belly. It also has regular scales and net pattern on the back. Asagi means pale blue in Japanese.


The word Bekko means tortoise shell in Japanese and this Koi fish type was so named because of its markings. Usually, you’ll see Bekko in white, yellow or red colors and have black markings.

Hakarimono (Ogon)

This is a Koi fish type which bears no markings and is single-colored metallic.


This is a metallic Koi fish type with two colors and have Doitsu scales pattern.


This is a black Koi fish type that has orange or white bellies.


This is the most popular type of Koi fish. This is basically a white Koi with spots and red markings.


Koromo means, “robed” in Japanese. This fish was so named because aside from its red markings on its white body, it is also “robed” with scales outline bearing different colors.


This type of Koi fish has scales patterned as pine cone; this is a single-colored fish that has darker color-inlay in its scales.


This was famous from 1912-1926. A white Koi fish with black and red markings, this fish has spots but don’t have black spots or markings on head.


This is the Koi fish type produced since 1926 until today. It has white and red markings on its black body color.


This is a pale blue-colored fish and has orange belly. It has a large line of scales with dark blue color on its back.


The tancho is a Koi fish type with red spots on the head. The spots may be triangle or circular in shape.


This is basically the Koi fish type bred from the Showa. This is a fish with black stripes and has yellow, red or white markings.

As you may have noticed, Koi fish are being categorized according to their colors, markings and body patterns. The arrangements of the scales and the deepness or quality of colors are also used to determine the Koi fish types. And depending on the designs of your landscaped-ponds or aquariums, you can get any type of Koi fish to suit your needs. Just be sure to ask your pet shops about how to properly take care of your Koi and if they are suited for the environment and locations you intend to have them placed.