Many people for different reasons keep Koi fish. For those who do not yet know, Koi fishes are those types of fish which you can usually find swimming in the pools of Japanese gardens.

Actually the word “Koi” actually means carp in Japanese. This is because of the fact that Koi fish is actually a variety of carp. Yes, despite the vivid colors, Kois are carp. These hardy fish is often kept for ornamental purposes. 

The history of Koi fish actually comes from the Nigata Prefecture of 19th century Japan. The farmers who tend to the rice notice the brilliant colors of the Koi fish and would capture them and breed them.

The different varieties were eventually established and catalogued and the outside world gained the first glimpse of Koi fish keeping during the 1914 exhibition. After that, Japan exploded with a frenzy to collect Koi. People soon spread Koi fish keeping throughout the rest of the world after plastic bag became available, making the transportation of Koi fish safer and faster.

What do you need to take care of Koi fish? Well, you know that the essential is water. However, do you know much else about Koi fish?

Here are some things most people do not know about taking care of Koi fish:

1) Koi fish needs to be fed fresh fruit

You see, Koi fish is omnivorous. This means that they pretty much eat anything edible. Many manufactured Koi feed do contain vitamins and minerals. However, these minerals tend to break down after a few months. By feeding Koi fish fresh fruits, you will be able to ensure that they get their needed nutrients. Here are some fruits that you can feed your Koi:

a) Oranges and lemons

This two fruits are great sources of vitamin c. In order to feed your Koi these citrus fruits, you need to halve or quarter them and drop them directly into the pond. The Koi fish will usually crowd around the fruit, allowing each fish an opportunity to eat of the pulp. Amazing how such simple creatures cooperate, right?

Oh, and you need to take out the skin of the fruit after the Koi fish is done eating. They only eat what you can eat, remember that.

b) Watermelons

You need to slice watermelons into small pieces, remove the seeds and then drop these directly into the pond.

2) Other feeding tips

There are certain methods which Koi fish keepers use in feeding their pets. Here are some things you might want to consider:

a) Season

The season of the year often determines how much you need to feed your Koi and what type of food to use. You can easily research this information on the internet.

b) Pond and filter size

Of course, you need to consider this in order to determine how much to feed your Koi fish. You see, the more they eat, the more waste they produce. It’s a standard rule, right?

c) Growth rate

The growth rate of the Koi fish is interrelated with its growth rate. Koi fish which is fed 2-3 times everyday often grows slower. Those which are fed 3-5 times a day grow rapidly, reaching the maximum size in a short time. So you see, you can actually customize the size of your Koi fish.