Koi are the most popular fresh water fish today. They can be found in large and small Koi ponds around the world. They are truly a majestic fish and are a spectacular addition to any outdoor pond. They are loved for the color they bring and the longevity of life. The secret to beautiful long living fish is in the Koi care you give. If you’re lucky enough to have a water garden in your backyard or are planning on building one then you should consider making it a Koi pond.

Koi Care Tips

The word Koi comes from the Japanese word meaning “carp.” Koi are mutations of carp bred down through the years for their beautiful color variations. Today they come in an unbelievable array of colors from red, orange, blue, black yellow, white, silver and more.  It has taken a lot of time, patience and skill to develop the many varieties of Koi found around the world today. It takes a keen understanding of the environment and diet to develop these beautiful fish and provide the Koi care they need.

Koi are compatible with many other kinds of fish. If the pond is large enough they can be kept with a wide variety of fish. The one consideration is that the other fish be large enough so that they will not be thought of as food by the Koi. Large gold fish can easily be kept with Koi.

When it comes to good Koi care the quality of the water is the most important factor. If the water isn’t maintained correctly then the health of your Koi will suffer. Koi are a cold water fish and so it’s best to keep the water temperature between 61 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also important to keep the water well oxygenated and clean. The size of the Koi fish relative to the size of the pond is also very important. Some Koi can grow to be quite large. Most Koi will thrive best in ponds that are 500 hundred gallons or more and four feet or more in depth. If you have a smaller pond and you have smaller Koi fish make sure you watch how large they get. If they start getting to large make sure you replace them with smaller fish or enlarge the pond. Give them away or sell them to someone who has a large enough facility to handle them. It’s important to give you fish the kind of Koi care they need. They are certainly a lot more expensive then gold fish and represent a large investment on your part. Take good care of them.

Because Koi thrive in cold water they can be kept outside in the winter. If your pond is at least four feet deep they will be fine. As winter comes on and the water temperature begins to drop, the Koi will begin their winter hibernation. For good Koi fish care don’t feed your Koi in weather that stays below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. As the fish start to hibernate their digestive system will slow almost completely. Any food left in the stomach will go bad and cause the Koi to get sick.

Most Koi owners consider themselves very lucky to have these beautiful ornamental fish to enjoy. Provide the best Koi fish care and they will give you years of pleasure.

Why Collecting Koi ?

The stress from everyday work can be alleviated by diverting your attention to something better. You can actually venture into collecting toys, figurines, or if you are an animal lover collect or breed Koi Fish. A Koi Fish is a fresh water fish that came from Japan. They usually have a touch of orange in their skin. There are many varieties of Koi Fish.  Their variety actually dictates their price. Koi Fish are too expensive and needs special attention.  When you decide venturing into this kind of business, you should prepare your mind, body and money.  Below are the factors that you need to consider when you want to venture into Koi Breeding.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Veteran Koi Fish breeders said that Koi Fishes have unique quality in them. They differ in personality and look.  As a starter, you have to really look for a Koi Fish that appeal to you. Look for a Koi Fish that is actually healthy.

Determine when to buy a Koi Fish. Of course, when buying a Koi Fish you have to consider so many things including your readiness to shed out some dollars to maintain this kind of hobby. Like they say, it is very expensive. A Koi Fish can even cost 5000 US dollars.

Prepare their home. Just like any good parent, you have to provide them the proper pond with the right size and the amount of water. Usually a Koi Fish can grow up to three feet, so prepare a pond that can accommodate them even if they grow old. The pond should not be small because it is very important that they are able to move freely in the water. There should be a proper filtering system to remove the feces and dirt that can contaminate the water. A good oxygen system is also needed to increase the longevity of the lives of the school of Koi Fish in your pond.

When a Koi fish is taken care properly they can even grow old until 25 to 30 years of age. There are Koi Fishes that lived up to 200 years old. Koi Fish needs to be fed daily with a special pellet.  As an owner, you need to feed them at least twice a day. However, they can last for one week even without eating food. Koi Fishes are outdoor fish, so they cannot be kept inside as they grow up to 18 inches in the span of three to four years. On rare occasions, some owners put heater in their ponds so that it will not freeze the water during the winter season. 

However, if you don’t have a heater you can bring the Koi Fish in an indoor aquarium if its size is still small.  Taking care of a Koi Fish is a very tedious task. However, owners said that they are very intelligent. Once you see their beauty all the works you have done for them will be worth it.